Welcome to Brønderslev Gymnasium og HF


At Brønderslev Gymnasium and HF we attach great importance to a good and healthy student environment. Every day you can feel the hustle and bustle of activities in the school, regardless of whether the students are studying vigorously or just enjoying each other’s company in the designated areas, which we call “islands”. Others might be having fun playing ball games on the football pitch, or discussing political topics during their social study classes, whilst others are working creatively with clay at art class or making experiments in the biology laboratory.


Some of these activities are instigated by the school or by the teachers e.g. study trips, while a number of activities are to a high degree run by the students themselves. If you have any good ideas with regard to arrangements or topics of interest that would be of interest to most students, then you are welcome to submit your ideas to us. Activities in which the students participate transversely with regard to school class and teacher increase the spirit of solidarity. This all derives from our emphasis on a healthy educational environment.


At Brønderslev Gymnasium and HF there is room for everybody. We do our utmost to ensure that you get off to a good start as a student. To create a basis for a good social feeling of fellowship in your new class, we arrange an introduction course for all the HF and STX students. This comprises, among other things, an excursion with overnight stay and other communal/joint activities.


During the school year we have various activities such as parties, lectures, musicals, theatre, concerts, morning assembly, voluntary activities, excursions, etc. Many of these activities are planned by both the students and the teachers together. The students have major influence on study trips and themes. Furthermore, the students elect representatives to the School Committee and to the Pædagogisk Råd (Educational Counsel).


These activities in which the students participate across (transversely) school classes and together with the teachers are all part and parcel of maintaining a community spirit, which is a great outset for a good and healthy educational environment.